Modern Website design is a must in order to be more visual appealing to customers.  Not only must a website attract attention but must be as user friendly as possible.

“Pictures says a 1000 words” This saying is so true. I have come across website’s that has more info than what is needed. Not only will you overwhelm your customer but you will most likely lose him.

Websites should be clean and straight to the point. don`t try to write the history of the whole company, I promise you that no potential clients will not read it. Information on websites are important, but to much info can overwhelm your client.

Thus focus on good Images that represents your company on your website design. I am not saying do not have any content, Just be more user friendly. Focus on keywords and keep content clean so it is easy to read for any potential customers.

In conclusion :

Be sure that when doing a website design it is clean and user friendly. You only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention, my advice is to make that seconds count.

Werner Freudiger

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