Website design is more affordable than ever, small business owners dont have to spend a fortune to create a website,  website design is more affordable than ever due to platforms like CMS (Content Management Systems) Like WordPress and Joomla. Website designers like me have tools to create websites faster than ever and you don’t have to code hours on end for a simple function to add to your website design. I mostly use WordPress and a theme called Divi to create websites. Divi is a great theme to do almost any design that you can think of, not only does it come with a drag and drop function but you can use new technologies like Parallax backgrounds and sticky menus. With some graphics experience you can create awesome websites only your imagination is the limit.

If you are a small business owner chances are that someone has searched for your business online, you may not know this but almost all people search Google for services or products online and if you specialise in a product or service and you do not have a website chances are that the potential client will not find you.

Websites also gives potential customers credibility that your business is a established entity. When you hand out a business card without a website address on it people might think that it could be a scam. Think about it this way, your website is a good advertising tool that can be used to show more products and services than a flyer or business cards can ever do. Not only can you have a great website, you can also have your domain name included on your email address example it just show people that your business is a creditable business.

Werner Freudiger



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