Website design

When you visit a website, web design determines how it looks and feels. It’s the process of designing and constructing the many parts of your website, such as the structure and layout, as well as the photos, colors, fonts, and graphics.

Graphic design, user experience design, interface design, search engine optimization (SEO), and content production are all components of web design that work together to produce the final experience of a website. These aspects influence how a website appears, feels, and functions across a variety of devices. 

Web design is distinct from web development, which is the code that allows a website to function. You’ll need both web design and web development while creating a website. Although web designers can also be web and UX developers, they are two different skill sets.

Build a website in South Africa

Using social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to get your company word out to the public is necessary, but it’s not enough. You’ll also need an appealing, easy-to-navigate website if you want an online presence that properly defines your company. A website, unlike a social media profile, allows you total control over the design and content. This gives your company, organization, or personal brand credibility. In terms of style, all Facebook pages are similar, but with your own website, you may establish a brand identity, sell things, and integrate third-party online services. Thankfully, website builders enable creating professional-looking, design-forward websites easier than ever.

WordPress, Squarespace and Wix, three well-known DIY site-building platforms, are continually upgrading and introducing new features. You can get started using one of the finest website builders and see which platform works for you. 

Companies that design websites

There are a lot of companies designing websites in South Africa. But how would you know if the company you are choosing are any good?

Here are some tips in getting the right website design company in South Africa:

First thing you should do is to visit HelloPeter and see if the company you are choosing is listed, and if so is there any bad reviews listed against the company. HelloPeter is a platform connecting South African consumers and businesses. They allow consumers to share their experiences (whether good or bad), read about other people’s experiences, and hopefully, discover some great South African website design agencies along the way.

Another obvious choice is to visit the companies Google business page, checking other customers experience on the reviews section, it may help a business stand out by providing important information. In Maps and Search, reviews appear next to your Business Profile. 

Most Agencies also have Facebook Business pages that you can visit. By reading reviews you can get a good understanding of what your experience will be when using a company.

Follow this link to see our Reviews on Google 

Cost of a website

How much does it cost to build a website in South Africa? Small companies frequently need a simple five-page website design that includes a home page, an about page, a services or goods page, and a contact page. The average cost of a 5-page website design like this is between R1700 and R6500.

Website Design Prices in South Africa
What is the cost of a 5-page website?
The average cost of a five-page website is between R1700 and R6500. 

What is a web designer’s hourly wage in South Africa?
In South Africa, the average hourly wage (pay per hour) is R250. This indicates that for every hour worked, the average Web Designer in South Africa makes around R250. 

What is the typical cost of site design?
When looking at website design price lists in South Africa, you’ll see that most providers offer four packages, each with increased website capability. Websites in the lower tiers cost on average R1700, while those in the higher tiers cost on average R6500. These are often bundles rather than custom-designed websites.

Affordable website design packages

Adzonline offer Website designs that are both affordable and attractive. All our websites are lightning fast, mobile-friendly, and secure. We provide all the bells and whistles for new South African businesses, as well as those that are struggling and can’t afford to pay more.

Since our inception in 2012, Adzonline has worked with over 500 clients and is an award-winning full-service South African web firm. Adzonline provides a variety of low-cost website design services that will help your company expand by developing a strong and engaging online presence. We provide skilled, cost-effective search engine optimization services to small and medium-sized businesses aiming to grow their consumer base online. We also offer ecommerce website construction & logo design services.