Creating a responsive website has become a global phenomena, Meaning all websites look similar. But having a similar look isn’t necessarily a bad thing, responsiveness is the way of the future most new WordPress themes includes this, and Google actually penalizes websites designs that are not mobile friendly. Responsive websites gives users a smooth experience and that will also contribute to your bounce rate.

Secondly the hamburger menu is a easier way for customers to have a familiar icon, More and more Websites and Aps use this and users can identify it always as the menu for a website.

Parallax scroll is a great feature that grabs attention, this includes intro video backgrounds on you website design, It gives the website more live to you website design, Give your users the best experience with some Parallax scrolling, Optimization and better internet speeds have made this a popular function for any great website design.

Sticky menus are great features for all new websites, long gone are the days where you would need to scroll to the top just to go to a new page, as the sticky menu stays visible on your page at all times users will no longer struggle to find content much quicker. Animated sticky menus are also great to give users a great experience on your website design.

Loading pages has also revolutionized the web, Customers do not want to see a website load one picture at a time rather have a loading screen that loads the website with a percentage this will also let the customer know that the website is still loading.

Galleries and slideshows are very common these days, it gives your website more liveliness and looks great on mobile and computers, Always remember to use crisp images on slide shows, There are a number of ways to keep your images looking great without loosing quality with some online programs and Photoshop.

Last thing is stay away from  Flash design, Google can not “read” any content that has been created with Flash. Also try to stay away from flashing ads, it gives your website design a cheap look, and also irritates your clients.

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